HyeKyung Lee composer - pianist


HyeKyung Lee - New Music from Hawaï

HyeKyung recorded a full CD with saxophonist Todd Yukumoto.
'Blue' brings together six works for saxophone and piano, instruments which often straddle the line between musical boundaries. Four University of Hawaii composers have created works influenced by jazz and related idioms. The result is a collection of pieces which display elements of jazz to varying degrees. While it is not uncommon to find composers blurring the lines between styles nowadays, it is perhaps unique to note the widely varying backgrounds of the composers on this recording, who have found jazz to be an important element of their expression. That jazz could find its way into the "classical" works of Hawaii-based composers of Japanese, Korean, and Scottish ethnicity—the coming together of people from different backgrounds around a common theme—suggests its ubiquitous nature. Blue both honors and illustrates the influence of jazz, showcasing American music as conceived in a small, yet representative corner of our nation's vastly complex culture.

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