HyeKyung Lee composer - pianist


Marimbella by HyeKyung Lee

MarimBella was composed and performed by HyeKyung Lee, live video mixing by Christian Faur

HyeKyung Lee - selected works

Andy Carlson, violin
Robert Jones, clarinet
Thomas Rozenkranz, piano
Todd Yukumoto, saxophones
Yen-Lin Goh, toy piano

Tuesday, February 23, 2010, Burke Recital Hall, 7:00 pm

CD review Neither From Nor Towards . . . - Shadowing

The Thelema Trio’s modular nature, even within the context of being a trio, is one of its primary strengths and they strut their stylistic, coloristic, versatile stuff with this collection of pieces. No two works share the same instrumentation nor do any of the compositions share the same sound world....
...HyeKyung Lee’s Shadowing is a canonic/imitative work for clarinet and alto saxophone. Long melodic lines weave in and out with sinewy and twisty motions. The blend between the performers is spot on and the whole piece has great long-term trajectory. The high climax reached early on in the work is the exact right music at the exact right time...

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by Jay Batzner - Sequenza 21

HyeKyung Lee - Belgian tour

Three unique concerts with pianist/composer Ward De Vleeschhouwer – together with three other guest musicians- performing music of J.S. Bach / G. Kurtag, F. Poulenc, Ward De Vleeschhouwer, Stephen Montague and own works (Gasp, Marimbella, Musique Légère, Shadowing, Gust of Embers and the worldpremiere of Musique Pétillante).

November 26 Rode Pomp om 20u.
Zaal Parnassus, Oude Houtlei 124, 9000 Gent
Ward De Vleeschhouwer & HyeKyung Lee (piano), Marco Antonio Mazzini (clarinet), Peter Verdonck (alto saxophone) and Marieke Berendsen (violin).

December 3 concerzaal Maene om 20u
Maene concertzaal, Argonnenstraat 37, 1060 Brussels
Ward De Vleeschhouwer & HyeKyung Lee (piano), Marco Antonio Mazzini (clarinet), Peter Verdonck (alto saxophone)

December 6 L'ecume des jours om 11u
Krijgslaan 4, 9000 Gent
Ward De Vleeschhouwer & HyeKyung Lee (piano)

Shadowing - Thelema Trio

Shadowing features on the new album 'Neither From Nor Towards' played by the Belgian ensemble Thelema Trio. The CD is available from Innova Recordings.
Shadowing will be performed on their USA tour in March - April 2010.
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Marimbella - SCI National Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico

HyeKyung performs Marimbella on the SCI National Conference, Santa Fe, New Mexico in April 2-4.
The conference will be held in conjunction with the 13th Annual Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, and will be hosted by the College of Santa Fe's Contemporary Music Program, Steven Paxton, Chair